Alpina B12, the nastiest BMW of the 20th century? –

Even the BMW M5 from the same era was not as powerful as this magnificent BMW Coupe reworked by Alpina.

Everyone remembers the first BMW 8 Series Coupe, launched in 1989 and remained in the catalog until 1999 (it was later replaced by the 6 Series). This first-generation 8 Series Coupe is clearly one of the finest BMWs of all time with its breathtaking profile, pop-up headlights and incredible elegance.

If the propeller brand had dared to go all the way, it would have even launched a Motorsport version of this 8 Series in the mid-90s: equipped with the atmospheric V12 of the McLaren F1 in a very slightly different version, it would have done part of the most powerful sportswomen in the world at that time. Unfortunately, the car finally only remained a prototype.

With Alpina sauce

But for its part, Alpina had marketed a more spicy 8 Series: the Alpina B12 took over the atmospheric V12 of the 850i, but with a displacement increased to 5.7 liters. With a maximum power of 416 horsepower, this very beautiful GT was built only 57 specimens: 25 with a manual six-speed gearbox, and the rest with an automatic transmission. Remember that the M5 of the same period, the M5 E39, developed "only" 400 horsepower.

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