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There are a very large number of foie gras recipes can be served entrance. Among the most common ones are foie gras chaplings which always make their little effect at meat lovers. To prepare them, gather:

  • 4 nice slices of cooked foie gras,
  • 8 slices of Bayonne ham,
  • a apple or pear cut into slices,
  • a mutated wine (Porto or Calvados),
  • aromatics (parsley, dill or chives).

Make caramelize the apple slices in a buttered pan then flambé them with wine.

Put your Bayonne ham in a plate crossing two slices on top of each other and place in the center the flaming apple and an slice of foie gras.

Close the ham and sprinkle with herbs.

Serve this chaplain with a chutney.

How to cook a foie gras with a tea towel?

You can prepare your own foie gras with some basic ingredients. Buy a duck foie gras and prepare its seasoning by mixing:

  • 7g salt,
  • 1g pepper,
  • 1g of 5 spices mixture.

Leave your foie gras an hour out of the fridge then prepare it:

  • Separate the two lobes.
  • Remove the central vein and then the second below (following their path and spreading the liver with a knife to clear them).
  • Season the lobes.
  • Mix the remaining seasoning with 3cl of a sweet wine such as Monbazillac or one Saussignac and put the foie gras to marinate in the refrigerator.

Cooking with a tea towel proper can then begin:

  • while you boil a large volume of salt waterdrop foie gras on a clean towel and roll it up tightly and maintaining the tension with string;
  • then drop liver in boiling water and turn off the heat when boiling;
  • cover the pan and let it cool at room temperature ;
  • remove the liver from the pan and undo the string of the tea towel ;
  • roll it and tighten it again and place it in the refrigerator while 12 hours minimum.

Do not forget to leave it a quarter of an hour at room temperature before serving it.

The best foie gras recipe in terrine

If you are wondering how to cook foie gras in terrinewe tell you everything!

To succeed in cooking a semi-cooked foie gras, anticipate its preparation by putting it in a terrine and checking that there is no air bubble. Then preheat your oven to 100 ° C and cook foie gras about half an hour (for a foie gras froma kilo). Then let it cool off the oven before covering and the place in the refrigerator. Ideally, wait a short week before enjoying it as it should!

Half-cooked foie gras: the right recipe

You can also prepare a recipe by seasoning your liver with salt, pepper and armagnac (Slightly cut the surface of the liver with a knife so that the alcohol can permeate the liver).

  • Let marinate half an hour cool then place the liver at the bottom of the terrine while exercising a pressure on it for the liver to marry the form and to chase the air
  • Then cook for 40 minutes liver in a bain-marie oven preheated to 110 ° C.
  • At the end of this time, pass the terrine in cold water for stop cooking.
  • Shoot your terrine and put it in the fridge with a plate and a weight on it to pack it well andarea go back fat.

All about the seared foie gras

The foie gras can be seared if it is of good quality (if it is the case, it will release little fat). Just cut slices one to two centimeters thick with a knife blade dipped in hot water between each slice.

You can then either directly fry the foie gras in a hot pan (without the addition of fat) one and a half minutes per side. You can also flour the slices for breading.

After cooking, serve foie gras without waiting with the accompaniment of your choice (chutney, truffle, caramelized apples, stewed figs, onion confit…), even nature if it is of excellent quality.

All our original recipes with foie gras

Another recipe to impress your guests, a feuilleté of raw foie gras with muscat which therefore requires puff pastry, muscatel and for which you will have to make a béchamel.

  • Unroll your puff pastry and cut out some circles with a glass : three large and three smaller.
  • Cut some pieces of foie gras, place them on your little rounds and cover them upa spoonful of Bechamel.
  • add two or three drops of muscat then cover with a round of dough bigger.
  • Weld the edges well and brush the whole with Egg yolk.
  • Place your laminated in preheated oven 210 ° C and let them cook twenty minutes by monitoring them regularly.
  • Once golden, take them out of the oven and enjoy them a few minutes later. You can also discover the Thermomix recipe of foie gras stuffed with figs and many of our homemade foie gras recipes.

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