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This Monday, August 31, Cyril Lignac made a delicious crispy macaroni gratin in All in the kitchen… Are your mouth watering? Here is the recipe!

Do you love pasta gratins? The crispy macaroni gratin recipe that Cyril Lignac featured on his show All in the kitchen this Monday August 31 at 6:40 pm on M6 may delight you! Very easy to make, you just need to have the right ingredients which are not difficult to find and few in number! To make this tempting recipe, you will therefore need macaroni, butter, flour, mustard, milk, Parmesan, grated cheese (whichever of your choice), pancetta, bacon or bacon as well. only sandwich bread. Like every day of the week, chef Cyril Lignac and his sidekick, presenter Jérôme Anthony, received a distinguished guest in addition to the anonymous guests. Last week, we were able to see on the screen, the comedians Ahmed Sylla, Pascal Légitimus, Booder, the singer Alizée, as well as the footballer Djibril Cissé. This Monday, it was Anne Roumanoff who got involved in trying to reproduce this dish to perfection as well as a lemon tart for dessert. From home, she followed Cyril Lignac's advice to the letter in order to achieve the best possible gratin. This recipe also makes you salivate and you want to cook? Find the full list of ingredients below!

Crispy macaroni gratin

250g cooked macaroni
20g butter
20g flour
1 tbsp. mustard
½ liter of whole milk
100g of grated cheese such as Emmental / Gruyère or Comté
100g grated parmesan cheese
150g pancetta or bacon or bacon, cut into small pieces
50g white bread cut into small cubes of ½ cm

Utensils: 1 sauté pan + 1 spatula or whisk + 1 spoon, 1 oven-safe dish, 1 frying pan + 1 plate covered with 1 sheet of absorbent paper

The steps of the recipe

With the ingredients purchased, you've put on your apron and are ready to make this crispy macaroni gratin? You can find the entire unfolding of the recipe just HERE. Treat yourself well!

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