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This Thursday, May 28 in All in the kitchen on M6, Cyril Lignac went fishing for mussels! If they are very well known cooked in a marinière (mixture of white wine, onions and parsley) with fries, the mussels can also be prepared au gratin in the oven accompanied by a parsley. The chef gave us a little taste of summer before the hour with this delicious recipe. These are the last weeks of broadcast. On Friday June 12, Cyril Lignac will host the last of All in the kitchen. M6 rediscovers its front grid since the chef gives way to Stéphane Plaza. The preferred real estate agent of the French gives an appointment to the viewers for unpublished episodes of Apartment hunters' where he himself competes. If it is never appreciated to be removed from the antenna, the host told us that he took it extremely well. He is also delighted with the success of the program by Cyril Lignac, who is one of his friends.

Are you used to reproducing Chef Lignac's recipes at home and want to cook these gratin mussels? Télé you will find below the list of ingredients and the course of the recipe.

Mussels au gratin, parsley

The ingredients for 4 people :

– 12 to 16 molds per person
– 1 sprig of fresh thyme
– 1 glass of white wine
– ½ peeled onion, cut into pieces
– ¼ bunch of parsley, washed and chopped
– 300 g of soft butter in ointment
– 75 g garlic, peeled, degermed and chopped
– 5 g of fine salt
– 100 g breadcrumbs
– Olive oil

Utensils :
– 1 saucepan + 1 lid + 1 spatula + 1 colander
– 1 salad bowl + 1 clean cloth (for past the mold juice)
– 1 grill dish + 1 spoon + 1 roll of film

The recipe steps

These gratin mussels would be a great idea for your dinner? The course of this recipe is to be found here.

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