All in the kitchen: Cyril Lignac shocks Bretons with his pancake recipe

This Tuesday, September 8, in the special Brittany issue of Tous en cuisine, Cyril Lignac made the mistake of announcing that he was going to use olive oil for his pancake batter. It didn’t take more to stir an entire region.

Cyril Lignac has always assured viewers of All in the kitchen : the recipes he presents are his and are therefore made " in his way ". This can sometimes collide head-on with tradition … The chef was particularly shocked at the start of this second season by offering a Niçoise salad filled with cooked ingredients … which is totally against the spirit of this dish. Faced with the discontent of the Southerners, he had agreed to adapt his recipe to better correspond to that of the defenders of the gastronomic heritage of Nice. If he has committed a few other relatively minor blunders since then, it was nothing compared to the sacrilege of Tuesday, September 8. Cyril Lignac presented a special Brittany edition of All in the kitchen, in which he asserted that there is " as many pancake recipes as dolmens in Brittany ". And so, as he could see on social networks, so many ways to get angry with the region.

Did Cyril Lignac really put olive oil in his pancakes?

Originally from Aveyron but initiated from his beginnings in southern cuisine, Cyril Lignac is very attached to Mediterranean products. Especially with the sacrosanct olive oil, which he uses in most of his dishes. And in fact, when announcing the ingredients for his pancake batter, he quoted " two tablespoons of olive oil »… What shock the Bretons who were in front of their screen. " I cannot conceive of such atrocity », We could read. " Cyril is so used to putting olive oil everywhere that he wants to put it in the pancake batter "One Internet user wondered. Fortunately, he didn't actually wear any!

His tongue had simply forked : he quickly corrected himself by specifying that he used a neutral oil and not olive. But that was not enough to appease all Britons, who have criticized his pancakes and pancakes. Dozens of comments disagreed some internet users with the chef: " I'm looking for salted butter in Cyril Lignac's pancake batter recipe "," Sweet butter does not exist in Brittany … and elsewhere it should be prohibited "," Great the recipe for the pancake but normally you have to rest the dough for 2 hours »… In defense of Cyril Lignac, it is not easy to bake proper patties in just an hour. Fortunately, he didn't try to make a kouign-amann for dessert.

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