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Alfa Romeo is preparing to launch its first 100% electric car. The compact SUV is not expected before 2022.

Fans of the Alfa Romeo brand wanting to go electric will have to be patient. According to information from Autocar released on June 1, the Italian automaker has targeted 2022 for the launch of a first model. It will take the form of a compact SUV, a very popular category. " Segment B is probably the best option in terms of autonomy and use, and charging infrastructure will be better by the time it is marketed. "Said a spokesperson.

Alfa Romeo will benefit from the merger between the Fiat Chrysler group, of which it is a part, and the PSA conglomerate. Thus, the SUV will rely on the eCMP development platform, already used by the Peugeot 208 and 2008. There will nevertheless be a slightly more sporty emphasis, which constitutes the DNA of a brand whose sales have dropped by 50 % in Europe in 2019.

Alfa Romeo39s first 100 electric car to be an SUV - Alfa Romeo's first 100% electric car to be an SUV - Numerama
Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV // Source: Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo relies on a compact SUV for its first 100% electric model

The measurements of the Alfa Romeo SUV should approach those of the e-2008. The Peugeot vehicle offers a range of 320 kilometers (WLTP cycle) thanks to a 50 kWh battery. By 2022, these numbers should be revised upwards. At least, we hope for Alfa Romeo, which will release a plug-in hybrid model next year to start electrifying.

Compared to the Peugeot e-2008, the Alfa Romeo SUV should be much better armed on the engine side. This is what the company implies: " For the transition to 100% electric, we will stay in tune with the sportiness of Alfa Romeo and use electric motors with a performance-oriented approach. We want to meet the expectations of fans of the brand, but also to address those who seek comfort. "

Finally, we already know that this first 100% electric vehicle will have artificial sounds. On this point, Alfa Romeo indicates: " The idea is not to produce false sounds to recreate a heat engine, because we do not want anything false in an Alfa. The idea is to create a specific sound to offer emotion to the driver and the car. The advantage of an electric car is its silence – if the driver wishes. But we can also opt for a more aggressive mode. "

Front photo credit: Alfa Romeo

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