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At a time when the FCA group has just asked for a loan of 6.3 billion euros guaranteed by the Italian state to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, we felt it necessary to (re) say how much Alfa Romeo is a prestigious car manufacturer. The history of Alfa Romeo is rich: remember that if there hadn't been Alfa Romeo, there wouldn't have been Ferrari.

And its news is just as relevant, even with a very narrow range (only 3 models).

Today, it is Alfa Romeo's SUV, the Stelvio that we are sifting through.

Before peeling it, little explanation concerning the new Stelvio range.

The entry-level finish is called Stelvio (yes, which gives us a Stelvio Stelvio…). Just above we find the Super finish which already offers at this stage a very good level of equipment (superior to its Germanic competitors).

Beyond that, you have a choice. Either you take the path of sportiness with Sprint finish then Veloce finish (our test model). Either you can orient yourself towards a brand new finish called Ti (for Turismo Internazionale) who wants to turn to elegance and a typically Italian exclusivity.

Now that you are unbeatable on the range, let's take a closer look at this new Stelvio.


The Stelvio is the desirable SUV. Glamorous, sensual, shapely lines: we're a fan! And, from our point of view, the Stelvio has envied nothing of its trident cousin, the Maserati Levante.

Admittedly, the Model Year 20 (MY20) evolves not aesthetically compared to the previous vintages, but after all, this line which liked so much before logically still pleases as much today. In our trial version, Veloce, sportsmanship is mainly expressed through 20-inch wheels revealing yellow calipers.

Even without these sporting attributes, the silhouette is very pleasing to the eye. A long hood that returns to the rear of the cabin and a leaky roof line: yes, the Stelvio has a small “coupé-SUV” side. At the front, there is a typical Alfa grille with a very large triangle pointing down at the center of two optics with a very gathered look. At the rear, we appreciate the good proportion between bodywork and glass surface, as well as the two exhaust pipes (real) which frame a large diffuser. Phew, Alfa's soul is there!

Atmosphere on board and infotainment

Inside this Veloce version, what strikes you at first glance is the work on thehas perceived quality and finishes that become worthy of a premium positioning. It must be recognized that it was necessary for this SUV which was behind on these points. On board this new vintage, there are finally fine materials, stitched leathers and woodwork inserts that flatter the eye.

Aboard our Veloce test version, you will particularly appreciate the sports chairs which offer excellent support. On the Ti version, comfortable armchairs and wooden inserts will make journeys even more pleasant.

Then, what we also notice is the technological upgrade. On the center console, there are a perfectly integrated tactile infotainment system and perfectly positioned, just above the ventilation openings. On the other hand, 8.8 inch screen is very wide but not very high which can affect the readability of navigation for example. Its operation is completely satisfactory: the menus are complete, the ergonomics call for no criticism and whether by touch or via the dial it is very fluid. So let us salute the work of Alfa Romeo on this point.

Still on the technological aspect note theappearance on this Stelvio of a level 2 semi-autonomous driving mode which is catching up with some of these competitors. However, I found her perfectible operation.

A short passage in the rear seats allows us to verify that we are properly installed. The sloping roofline does not interfere with the accessibility or seating of older children and the legroom is perfectly adequate. On the other hand, on our test model equipped with an all-wheel drive (Q4), the transmission tunnel can make the place of the environment uncomfortable on long journeys.

Finally, the 525-liter trunk places it in the middle of the segment.

Driving and motorization

We will say it clearly the Stelvio is an absolute treat behind the wheel. And it’s happy because with this name that evokes the legendary Italian collar, we expected no less.

Light, torquey, very well motorized: driving pleasure is undeniable.

On our test version, we had a 2.2l diesel block that develops 210 hp (at 3500 rpm) for 450 Nm of torque (from 1750 rpm). This finish is also available with a 2.0l petrol engine with 280 hp. All for an SUV that displays around 1600 kg which is very little compared to its competitors.

You don't have to go to the top end of the range to enjoy the driving pleasure of this Stelvio. The 2.2l diesel is available in 2 other versions: 160 hp and 190 hp. The latter seems to us to be the best compromise. If you prefer a petrol engine, we would rather direct you to the other version of the 2.0l petrol which develops 200 hp.

Obviously, with such an engine and a weight at this point, the Stelvio is very sober. After 300 km in the Paris region, I consumed 6.8 l / 100 km.

Finally, the road handling is excellent to the point of being among the benchmarks in the category thanks, in particular, to a low ground clearance and a well-propelled all-wheel drive.

Model tested

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce MY20 2.2l diesel AT8 Q4 (210 hp)

€ 60,900 excluding option + € 4,830 of options = € 65,730 including tax


  • Mercedes GLC 220d (194 hp) = € 57,750 excl.
  • BMW X3 xDrive20d xLine (190 hp) = € 58,650 excl.
  • Volvo B4 AWD diesel R-Design (197 hp) = € 58,130 excl.
  • Volvo B5 AWD diesel R-Design (235 hp) = € 62,630 incl.VAT excluding option

We don't like

  • driving pleasure and handling
  • the sobriety of diesel engines
  • the level of equipment from the first levels of finishing
  • the move upmarket (technological and qualitative)
  • the new colors and especially that of our test model

We regret

  • the level 2 semi-autonomous driving mode could be improved

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