Alfa Romeo on a better start in the US –

Alfa Romeo was a bit more competitive than usual today in Austin, at the Free 1 and 2.

Antonio Giovinazzi has notably signed the 10th time of the 2nd session of the day this Friday.

"It was a good first day, with a lot to test, including the tires for 2020. On this bumpy track, much more than last year, it was not easy, luckily it was a little hotter than yesterday and there was less wind, " comments the Italian.

"We started on good settings but I do not know if we are really in the top 10. Many pilots have made mistakes but we have a good base to work for tomorrow in Libres 3 before qualifying. stay at this level. "

For Kimi Raikkonen, the performances were less glorious.

"I have a lot of balance problems and the car does not react as I wish," comments the Finn.

"It's only the first day, the track is going to be erased and we have some ways to rectify the settings for tomorrow.I do not worry even if our performances during the last races are not up to our expectations. . "

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