Military inspiration is not uncommon in management and it is indeed a commando spirit that it will take to relaunch Alfa Romeo. Jean-Philippe Imparato presents his first circle of 6 top managers.

Alfa Romeo Jean Philippe Imparato unveils his shock team - Alfa Romeo: Jean-Philippe Imparato unveils his shock team
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Happy to present his new organization, Jean-Philippe Imparato, new leader of Alfa Romeo, evokes a staff who “Brings together varied skills, a high level of commitment and a real passion for the brand. It’s the start of a journey that promises to be fascinating ”.

Jean-Philippe Imparato unveiled his close guard, a tight team of six managers.

Daniel Guzzafame will be in charge of the products. Within the FCA group since 2006, he has overseen Alfa Romeo’s product planning for the EMEA region since 2019.

Arnaud Leclerc will be in charge of Performance and Strategy. After many years spent at PSA, he joined FCA in 2018.

Erica Ferraioli takes responsibility for the pricing of the Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands. She will therefore report to Jean-Philippe Imparato and Luca Napolitano. Evolving in the automotive sector since 2007, she joined FCA in 2011.

Roberta zerbi becomes responsible for Alfa Romeo and Lancia Europe, attached to Maxime Picat, but reporting operationally to Jean-Philippe Imparato and Luca Napolitano.

Larry Dominique takes charge of Alfa Romeo in North America. He has a wealth of automotive experience (GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Automotive Lease Guide, PSA since 2017) in different sectors (PC, LCV and VI, leasing).

Massimiliano Trantini becomes responsible for Alfa Romeo in China, reporting to Grégoire Olivier and reporting operationally to Jean-Philippe Imparato. Evolving within the FCA group since 1997, he has a perfect knowledge of the Chinese market where he has been evolving since 2010, notably supervising the activities of the GAC FCA joint venture, a position he retains.

Operazione di salvataggio

It should be remembered that the Alfa Romeo brand, bought by Fiat in 1986, has almost been wiped off the automobile map, with 60,000 registrations in 2020 (around 36,000 in Europe and 18,500 in the United States). Deprived of significant launches since 2017, the brand survives thanks to the duo Giulia and Stelvio. Despite its premium positioning, it has completely disappeared from the radars of the BtoB segment where German competitors are doing wonders. Many product projects have been frozen or postponed and the brand missed the SUV train. The Tonale and a smaller SUV will not have a commercial impact until 2022.

In addition, Alfa Romeo has yet to electrify itself, the PHEV version of the Tonale will be important in this regard, to make its sporting connotations compatible with the new legislation on CO2 and particulate emissions. Finally, the brand will be integrated into a fragile coupling, with DS and Lancia, it being understood that Maserati, also in withdrawal, is positioned more upscale. Nevertheless, synergies are possible, including in the short term, which is economically unavoidable. In short, the challenge offered to Jean-Philippe Imparato and his team is great.

Alfa Romeo Jean Philippe Imparato unveils his shock team - Alfa Romeo: Jean-Philippe Imparato unveils his shock team