Kimi Räikkönen hopes that Alfa Romeo will find a solution to successfully exploit his car, and especially his tires, on a fast lap. The Finn explains that his team’s difficulties arise mainly on Saturday, on a lap, and that the tires are responsible.

“I’m sure it’s the same for everyone” said Räikkönen. “Of course I think a lot of riders complain about these tires, but it’s been like that for many years. The window is very narrow to take advantage of them, and there is a huge difference when they run at 100. % or when they run at 80% on the behavior of the car. “

The Alfa Romeo in particular struggles to make its tires work on a lap, which creates the gaps in qualifying: “When we make them work, we can be really fast, but there are also other things that make some tracks more suitable for us than others, and so we’re better at it.”

“We have to be faster, obviously. But there is no magic. The others seem to be a little faster than us in qualifying, and it seems to be a little better for us on Sunday. ‘there are a lot of little things you can review like warming up the tires on a lap. “

His team-mate, Antonio Giovinazzi, also recognizes that qualifying is tricky for Alfa Romeo: “It seems to me that the Nürburgring smiled on us in qualifying, we had moved on to Q2. We know that our main competitors are Williams and Haas in qualifying, so for now our aim is to be ahead of them, and therefore in Q2. “

“I know qualifying is harder for us, our pace is slower in qualifying than in the race, but I think we just have to try to put it all together. Of course the tires are the main thing. to be better in qualifying, and we are working on it. “