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After his luxury freelance with Racing Point at Silverstone, Nico Hülkenberg awakened an interest in his services with two teams, Alfa Romeo Racing and Haas F1 Team. A real opportunity for a return to the discipline?

The German driver himself confirmed discussions with two teams, without naming them, but their identity was not in doubt. From now on, it is the teams themselves who confirm discussions with the winner of the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans.

From Hulkenberg to HulkenBack, for good?

Will the German driver make a second return to F1 like Fernando Alonso? His career began at Williams in 2010 before being retired the following year and test driver at Force India (now Racing Point) then being established in the Indian team in 2012.

Nico Hülkenberg could return to the formation of Hinwil which he attended in 2013 (Sauber) and evolving under the name of Alfa Romeo Racing today. The rapprochement would be facilitated by the links that exist between Nico Hülkenberg and Frédéric Vasseur. The latter was his boss when the driver won his F3 EuroSeries and GP2 titles with ART Grand Prix.

For the time being, Frédéric Vasseur mentioned that it was still too early to think about the drivers for 2021, awaiting Kimi Räikkönen's plans. Will the Finnish driver prolong his career or will he be bored of frequenting the back grid?

On the side of the American team Haas, it was Günther Steiner who confirmed that discussions were underway. “I've spoken to him a few times and we get along well. We're not doing very well right now, so you also have to see his side, if he believes in it, and would that suit him? Because that is. is a really good driver. At some level you don't want to be on a team that can't even fight for points. "

If the German driver arrives at Haas, we could have a pretty funny duo if Kevin Magnussen is retained. Indeed, at the end of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2017, the Danish had replied to the German with a "S * ck my b * lls" (that we let you translate …), a little different which should be settled on the track.

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