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Really, Alfa Romeo fans go by disappointments and disappointments lately. And for good reason, the Italian brand had already broken the dreams of many by announcing a few days ago his product plan, not including the return of the 8C and GTV, as originally planned. But that's not all, because the manufacturer simply stopped the production of its 4C in the most total silence, probably not to attract the wrath of the alfists. So it's a fact, the small sports coupe launched in 2013 and declined in coupe in 2015 is more, and it seems that this is Definitely. And for good reason, the forecasts announced a few days ago did not evoke any renewal, what to fear the worst …

It's simple: the brand, whose sales are not very satisfactory at the end of the year since they were notably down 42% during the first half, now wants to save money. That is why the firm, headed by Timothy Kuniskis, tends to streamline its range, and above all, to remove its small sports, like the 4C, for the benefit of SUV. But this disappearance also aims to reduce average emissions of the range, while the European Union has set limit values ​​for next year, which manufacturers will have to respect or face heavy fines. We also remember that the firm, as well as the rest of the FCA group had dubbed last year with Tesla as part of a deal to buy CO2 credit.

The last real sports Alfa?

Finally, let's make a last tribute to this 4C, which truly embodies the last true sportsman of the range of the manufacturer, with its total counting, knowing how to say no to the systems of infotainment and other elements considered too futile. Without power steering and ignoring the very notion of comfort, the coupe transpired performance, with its chassis combining aluminum and carbon fiber, giving it an empty weight under the 900 kg mark. Under his hood, the four-cylinder turbocharged 240 horsepower placed in the central rear position allows him to shoot down the 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds, all with a demonic sound.

So it is now the SUV that wants to turn the brand, which is preparing to lift the veil on the serial version of his Tonale, but who would also be preparing a second model, smaller. In addition, the Giulia and Stelvio will benefit from a restyling, while the Giulietta, present in the range since 2010 and repulsed several times will disappear totally.

If like us, the sadness invades you with the announcement of the end of the production of 4C, know that it is still possible to get a new copy in stock. But hurry up, this one will be reduced very quickly …

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