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THE CHEF'S EASY RECIPE – Each week, a great cook or pastry chef gives us the secrets of a comforting recipe. Today, the chef of Brazilian origin who is about to open the Nosso traveling bistro, in Paris, in the 13e.

- Alessandra Montagne's pão de queijo recipe - Le Figaro
Alessandra Montagne's pão de queijo, a Brazilian specialty made from tapioca flour. Anne-Claire Héraud

“I was born in Rio de Janeiro and raised by my grandparents on their farm in Minais Gerais. Every morning my grandmother made pão de queijo, rolls with tapioca flour and cheese. There is no sweet tradition for breakfast in Brazil. As long as I can remember – as early as 6 or 7 – I ate them with a light, sweet coffee before going to school. In Rio, everyone nibbles pão de queijo, at any time of the day, in the street, on the beach, to taste it… It's a bit like the baguette in France! And I noticed that there are more and more of them in Lisbon too. The first thing I do when I set foot in Lisbon airport is rush to buy some!

The recipe that I offer is that of my grandmother. I never wanted to change it. It would have been a betrayal! Apart from the cheese – she used raw milk cow cheese that we made on the farm,

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