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This 1928 Cadillac, bought by the famous Chicago gangster Alphonse “Al” Capone, is today for sale for a million dollars at Celibrity Cars in Las Vegas. This large luxury sedan, Town Sedan model, green and black, was almost identical to that of the police, except for the 1,360 kg of armor. Which made it one of the very first armored cars in history. The evidence, once seized by the FBI, this limousine was used to safely drive President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The sellers of Celebrity Cars explain on their website that the garage owner Ernest Capstran, who carried out the shielding, had never carried out such an operation before. His son Richard Capstran even recounts the arrival of the thugs of the gangster in his father's garage and remembers that they quickly found the words to convince him to undertake this modification. The son then relates the arrival of Al Capone in person for the payment of work on his Cadillac and the payment of a premium equivalent to twice the amount provided to ensure the silence of the mechanic.

The car pampered for all these years, with an up-to-date maintenance book, is for sale and in perfect working order. Its 5.6-liter V8 engine produces 90 hp, which represented very respectable power in 1928. However, the car only totaled 1,111 miles on the clock or 1,788 km. It's not much, but should we be surprised if Al Capone's car has a fake counter?

The Al Capone Cadillac in its current state and without any bullet holes.

The Al Capone Cadillac does not shine by the volume of its trunk.

© ACME Photo © Courtesy of RM Auctions

Note the antagonist opening doors called "suicides", not bad for the king of crime.

The interior of Al Capone's car is fully padded.

© Theo Civitello © 2012 Courtesy of RM Auctions

Al Capone in a light suit in front of his armored Cadillac, and surrounded by his goons.

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