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Four new collections of Bentley accessories as well as an Akrapovic exhaust are offered to owners of a Bentayga model, to optimize the specifications and capabilities of their luxury SUV.

The exhaust line proposed by Akrapovic first of all, is made of titanium and consists of a set of connecting pipes, a silencer and two oval tailpipes engraved with the logos of Bentley and Akrapovic, and refined with a special coating ensuring better resistance over time and increased protection.

This system designed by Akrapovic in collaboration with Bentley engineers, is inspired by the exhaust prepared by Akrapovic for the Bentayga Pikes Peak, holder of the record in its category on the famous ascent of Pikes Peak.

The exhaust system presented here has been specially designed for the Bentayga and will guarantee a different sound to the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to which it will be grafted. It is available for V8 models sold in the United States and the Middle East, as well as for the first generation Bentayga W12.

The four new collections offered by Bentley include Exterior, Interior, Touring and Protection packs, and the Akrapovic exhaust is included in the first named. Also included in this Exterior pack are carbon fiber mirror caps (glossy finish) as well as a fixed side step (optional) in glossy black, Carbon or Moonbeam finish.

A relaxation pack is planned for the Interior collection for the Bentayga, which also includes additional cushions and footrests, as well as personalized travel bags and other Golf bags.

The Touring range, for its part, extends the 484-liter loading capacity of the Bentayga, via roof rails that can accommodate a lockable trunk, with a loading capacity of 75 kg and a volume of 320 liters. A multi-function trunk storage box (with a capacity of 100 liters) fixed securely to the trunk floor, allows an internal drawer to slide and provide convenient access to the contents thereof. Its interior walls covered with a thermoplastic elastomer will provide ideal storage for damp or soggy clothes and accessories.

The load assist tray option is integrated into the boot slides and will slide effortlessly with a load of up to 300 kg. Finally, two Bentley bike racks are also available, to accommodate two or three cycles.

Finally, the Protection range will offer something to protect the vehicle via two models of protective covers, mudguards made of thermoplastic elastomer, or even robust floor mats offering high quality protection and excellent grip, even when are wet.

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