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Apple is a brand that is now everywhere, and that we know above all for its high-end products. From iPhones to AirPods, including MacBooks and iPads, choosing Apple means choosing quality. This quality obviously comes at a price: the very top of the range offers many advantages in terms of power, practicality and innovation, but the price, too, can be very high. Fortunately, you can find regular discounts, good deals and bargains on various Apple products and accessories at online stores. So, whether at Amazon, Cdiscount, Rakuten or elsewhere, do not hesitate to take advantage of the good deals offered, and thus equip yourself while saving money.

The best deals on AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro

Essential accessories for our daily lives, wireless headphones are now everywhere, and have replaced their wired ancestors. More practical, they do not hinder movement, and the threads do not get damaged in the bottom of the pockets. Apple offers two models of wireless headphones, the AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro. Both models rely on an H1 chip to provide a stable and fast bluetooth connection, and both models are designed specifically for Apple devices: they set up in seconds, then reconnect automatically when you take them out of their case once paired. , and can even switch between devices in the blink of an eye. They are also compatible with Siri, to control navigation and calls. Little more for the AirPods Pro: they are equipped with an active noise reduction technology.

The best deals on iPhones

Another flagship of Apple are the iPhones. Apple’s smartphone is now in its 12th iteration, and continues to appeal to a large audience. These are top-of-the-range smartphones, now waterproof according to the IP68 standard, to accompany you everywhere, and often available in several variations: each one can thus find at each exit the model which suits him in terms of power, size of screen and price. If we are at the iPhone 12, the iPhone 11 is still a topical smartphone, and we can find an iPhone 11 at 629 euros instead of 809 euros at Rakuten, for example. With its 6.1-inch screen, A13 Bionic chip, 64 GB of internal storage and 12-megapixel dual camera, it’s ready to go with you all day.

The best deals on MacBook Air and Pro

To work and play, Apple also has what you need, with the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, but also the iPad. MacBooks are ultraportable, powerful, neatly designed computers with a battery that lets you get started with the day. The Pro version is more powerful, as the name suggests, and allows you to run heavier applications, including video or photo editing software. The iPad, on the other hand, offers you a solution for taking notes, reading, watching videos or photos and browsing the internet, but also drawing or painting, in a practical way.

The best deals on Apple Watch

Finally, to complete its ecosystem, Apple also offers a connected watch, the Apple Watch. The latter gives you the time, of course, but also the notifications, and allows you to make your calls, once connected to your iPhone. And, of course, it tracks your physical activities, your sleep, your heart rate, and now even allows you to perform an ECG.

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