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China Overseas Chinese Network, December 15th, Question: Airplane is bullish on your money! Be careful of "flying thieves" during flight rush hours!

In the twinkling of an eye, at the end of the year, the New Year's Day waved not far away, and the number of friends traveling abroad and visiting relatives also increased significantly. When you board the plane in high spirits and look forward to the good times of the festival, you can find your wallet and valuables missing when you pick up your luggage on the ground …

If you encounter such bad things, your good mood is ruined, and Xiao Qiao is not “alarming”. A travel blogger recently posted that he had lost something on the plane and that he was in the first class with strong privacy.

After the post was posted, many netizens also talked about their theft on the plane. In fact, the "flying thief" is nothing new. Friends from overseas Chinese often choose to fly, and the chance of encountering thieves is not small.

刚 Just after New Year's Day in 2018, the Chinese embassy in the Czech Republic issued a safety reminder: Pay attention to the safety of property when you fly.

There is a reason for this:

女 On a flight from Beijing to Prague, a female passenger checked her luggage half an hour before landing and found that the euro was missing. The flight attendants used radio to ask passengers to help find them. However, it was reported that more and more passengers lost money, up to $ 5,000. The crew safety officer quickly contacted the ground police in Prague, and at this time, a passenger found money stolen in the group. There are 500 euros, and more than 300 euros …

The flustered pickpocket wanted to destroy the evidence, but the exposure was taken away by the police.

There are thieves who fight "solitary forces" on the plane, as well as gangs who gather to commit crimes.

According to upstream news and other media reports in 2018, there are criminal gangs in Luoshan County, Henan Province. Thefts were carried out on domestic flights since around 2000, and they were transferred to international flight thefts after 2010. The gangs are mostly composed of relatives and acquaintances. The crimes are exactly the same: observation Good target audience, when people are in a dilemma, either commit crimes alone or cooperate with each other, thieves use fake identities and have strong anti-reconnaissance awareness.

According to surging news reports, as of August 2017, Luoshan County has confiscated 446 entry-exit documents, cancelled 1,069 entry-exit documents for key personnel, and frozen 39 bank accounts.

Fight against the "flying thief", the local police have been operating!

The long flight time on international flights makes everyone inevitably tired. When the drowsiness relaxes and vigilance, the thieves begin to "open".

Ye Xiaoqiao also prepared tips

1. It is best not to carry a lot of cash when boarding, and do not show it in public;

2. When placing luggage after boarding, it is best to place it on the luggage rack at a 45-degree angle in front of your line of sight, so that the luggage is clearly displayed in your sight and afterglow;

3. It is best to put valuables in personal pockets in advance;

4. When someone opens the luggage rack, pay attention to it. If you encounter boxes and bags that are similar in color and style to others, try to place them separately;

5. Confirm the personal items before the plane descends. If any items are found, keep calm and inform the crew in time.

(Source: China Overseas Chinese official micro-channel network, Author: Ranwen Juan, ID: qiaowangzhongguo, material Source: Sina Weibo, the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic, China Overseas Chinese network, upstream news, surging news)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Jiayi

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