After the release of the iPhone 12, Apple plans to drop the price of the iPhone 11 by 150 dollars

This is good news for anyone who intends to get the iPhone 11. Because according to iAppleTimes, relayed by Gizmochina, Apple will continue to produce the smartphone, dropping its price by 150 dollars, in passing.

It is at least September, see October because of the pandemic, that Apple should unveil its iPhone 12. A model that could benefit from an affordable version by 2021, undoubtedly to ride on the success of the iPhone SE (2020), powerful "midrange". And according to information shared by Gizmochina, taking up a leaker, the release of the iPhone 12 would benefit the iPhone 11 … at the price level. Because the Cupertino company does not intend to stop the production of the iPhone 11, unlike that of the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XR, yet the most sold model in 2019.

As the Twitter account announced, although the information remains to be taken with a grain of salt, the release of the iPhone 12, which could be done in two stages, would be accompanied by a drop in the price of this ultra powerful iPhone 11. Thus, the smartphone is expected to drop from $ 699 to $ 549, a drop of $ 150. Ideal for such a model, with an ultra sharp technical sheet, accompanied by technologies such as Face ID or a triple photo sensor. It will still be necessary to wait for the officialization of Apple, even if this price reduction tends to be confirmed every year with the marketing of a new iPhone.

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