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sa commande de smartphone passee il recoit un tres etonnant iphone 1398281 - After his smartphone order, he receives a very surprising iPhone - Capital.fr
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Ordering on the Internet can sometimes hold funny surprises. At the beginning of the month, a Chinese woman, who had spent nearly 1,300 euros to afford the latest iPhone, the 12 Pro Max, thus received… a pot of apple yogurt. But not all unusual stories conceal a scam. In Thailand, a man who had ordered an iPhone 7 was surprised to receive a table in the shape of Apple’s smartphone. As the Malaysian newspaper The Sun Daily details, the man just hadn’t read the product description carefully enough.

It was on the Asian e-commerce site Lazada (owned by the Alibaba group) that the teenager had placed his order. No doubt wanting to take advantage of the rather low price for the device, he ordered quickly, being convinced that he was getting a good deal. The rather high shipping costs would still have caught his attention. But, it was when he received the package that he understood that there was a problem. Indeed, the box where his iPhone should be was almost as big as him! Inside, a table resembling the smartphone sold by the Cupertino company. The details are taken care of to play on this resemblance. A handsome player, he posed with his new table on social networks, causing many reactions.

Before buying online, it is necessary to take some precautions when dealing with fake bargains. Low-end products resold much more expensive, ephemeral sites that will not deliver the products to you … Thus, in 2019, the Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr site received more than 90,000 requests for assistance. More than a quarter of requests were related to e-commerce.

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