advanced search approaching on Android

WhatsApp is about to deploy the advanced search functionality on Android. An update that should make it easier to find photos, videos or even audio content.

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world. Due to its popularity, Facebook regularly deploys updates in order to improve not only the security of our private data, but also the comfort of use. With this in mind, the platform will soon make it possible to easily find stickers thanks to a specific search function. As if that weren't enough, Advanced Search will debut on Android shortly. After being introduced on iOS, the functionality to find items in messages will therefore soon be available on Google's OS.

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After all, WhatsApp couldn't ignore Android given the platform's important place in the mobile world.

Smart research

As the name suggests, advanced search is designed to make it easier to find items in conversations using specific parameters. The user can use filters to refine the results.

To access the functionality, simply press the magnifying glass button located in the top bar. After that, all you have to do is specify the nature of the element you want to search for, including video, photo, audio file or document.

Within seconds, WhatsApp displays results that match the defined criteria. If the desired file type has not been specified, it is still possible to change the parameters later to refine the results.

A deployment in the coming days

Note that the algorithm on which WhatsApp's advanced search is based is not able to probe inside files. It is based solely on external descriptions. Also, the feature does not allow you to search for texts inside a video or a photo.

WhatsApp is currently testing this option with a limited number of users. Although it is available in the latest beta version of the app, only privileged people can access it. In any case, the deployment of the stable version should take place in the coming days.

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