Administrative paperwork: they create a survival kit for the students

Better not to be afraid of administrative tasks when you are a student. Mutual, health insurance, opening a bank account and other paperwork of all kinds that accompany the moves … It is often necessary to multiply the procedures at the start of the school year.

Arthur Presse, 23, is from Nantes, Joseph Reinhart, 22, from Paris. Both found themselves in Lyon through the game of engineering school competitions and were confronted with the small administrative hassles of everyday life. To prevent others from getting lost in this jungle, the two students – who have just finished their second year at Centrale Lyon – have been working in recent months on their first book ironically titled Fed up.

All the info and tips in one book

"It started with a joke after a passport story," explains Arthur. Proof of address, a long enough time in Lyon to make an appointment … They realize that redoing their paper is less easy than they imagined. “It was complicated in Lyon when there was much less waiting in a small town nearby for example. We thought maybe there were lots of tricks like that, ”Arthur recalls.

For three months, the two students listed all the problems that the young people could encounter. The next three months were spent writing their manual. "With administration, you have the impression that everything is changing all the time, you don't know where to find information. The idea is really to have an object that gathers information that is enduring, ”Arthur insists.

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If the administrative galleys affect everyone, Fed up was first thought for students. “In the book, we explain to everyone what a mutual fund is, but when we give advice, we really speak to students,” says Arthur. Three graphic design students were responsible for illustrating the book. In addition to administrative questions, lighter subjects such as cooking, travel tips, procrastination, etc. "A student's perspective on student life" are also discussed. This is what the two authors promise. The book seduces. More than 400 people have already pre-ordered it on the Ulule crowdfunding platform. "We are in discussions with a publishing house so that it can be released to bookstores next year," said Arthur, who hopes to win over many young people and their parents before the start of the school year.


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