Acura will enter LMDh from 2023 Le Blog Auto - Acura will enter LMDh from 2023 - Le Blog Auto

After Audi and Porsche, Acura, Honda’s premium brand, is in turn committed to the new LMDh formula.

If Acura is only known in Europe to discerning automobile enthusiasts, it is a well-established brand in the United States, where it was launched by Honda in 1986 to enter the high-end segment. At L’Oncle Sam, moreover, it is under the Acura label that the NSX supercar is sold.

Success story

Acura has long been present in Endurance racing on the North American continent, with regular engagement since 2006. The Acura / HPD (For Honda Performance Develoment) prototypes at the time of the ALMS (American Le Mans Series) have followed one another until the Acura ARX-05, which has been operated in recent years by Penske Racing in IMSA, notably winning the 2019 title thanks to Juan-Pablo Montoya. This year, however, the official program in partnership with Penske has come to an end and it is under the colors of Wayne Taylor Racing and Meyer Shank Racing that the ARX-05 Dpi continue to race.

In its press release, Acura confirms its involvement in LMDH by mentioning the IMSA championship. Although the regulations allow it (that was the goal), it is unlikely that the Acura prototypes will be entered in the WEC, which is mainly contested in Europe, with the notable exception of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

With three renowned manufacturers, and possibly awaiting further reinforcements, the LMDh is starting to look great. And if we add Totoya and Peugeot, who have chosen the Hypercar, this can presage very good fields entered at Le Mans within 2-3 years.

Source: Acura