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In a universe with common characteristics, Acura joins the group in 2021 with a new vintage of its TLX. While waiting for the Type S version, which will arrive in spring 2021, we have tested the entry-level version. Like all other models in the segment, this TLX is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine from the RDX. It makes 272 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque, which puts the TLX up well against models like the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and the Mercerdes C-Class, to name a few. These numbers are also very close to those of the older Acura 290 hp V6. The TLX is also larger than the competition models. The V6 promises a power that will turn around 355 horsepower with as many couples.

Well raised and a little noisy

This engine is not a bomb, but performs admirably. The 10-speed automatic transmission makes the ride smooth and smooth and our Platinum model came with Acura's top-rated Super Handling System (SH-AWD) in the industry. To get a little more sound from these modest mechanics, the sport mode adds just the right amount of aggressiveness for overtaking or more muscular acceleration by downshifting 4 gears for better thrust. We would still like to suggest that Acura work on the sound of the 4 cylinder which lacks nobility. I have been driving Audi A4s since 2005 and although the engine offers almost the same configuration at Audi, the sound is far more pleasing to the ears. The Acura engine sound seems to come from a base Civic engine, an irritant in a sedan over $ 53,000.

Lots of space inside

It is undoubtedly in the area of ​​space that homeowners will be most spoiled. Longer by almost 10 cm both for the wheelbase and the overall length compared to the model it replaces, the TLX also offers 5.5 cm more in width. In fact, its dimensions place it closer to a sedan like the Mercedes E-Class or the Audi A6 than the C-Class or the A4. The finish of our platinum model is good, but not as ostentatious as these German competitors. However, it should be noted that in this model at $ 53,765 (which includes transport and preparation costs) everything is included. It ranges from perforated Milano leather and heated and ventilated 16-way power driver's seats to the navigation system, not to mention the power sunroof, peripheral vision system and adaptive cruise control. Two irritants caught our attention. First there is the button gear selector in the center console which is confusing and not intuitive to use. You have to admit that after two days you get used to it. But the catch with this car is the touchpad. We don't know why Acura persists in this counterproductive system (which forces the driver to take their eyes off the road for the slightest operation) is still in place. Our level of frustration was as high at the end of our test week as at the start. We should review this way of doing things at Acura.

Great handling, but an engine that sounds cheap

If we disregard the sound of the off-ringing engine, the handling of the TLX is beyond reproach. The electronic distribution of power combined with all-wheel drive and a large footprint on the ground provides reassuring handling. For the majority of our trips, we have chosen the comfort driving mode (there is also normal and sport) which is aptly named. It's also worth noting that a lot of dynamic equipment comes standard in the TLX while you have to check the options list in a comparable German sedan, another Acura advantage. On rougher roads, the Integrated Dynamics System changes shock travel according to road conditions to deliver the best possible ride. This allows the electronics to respond much faster and with much greater bandwidth. When you encounter bumps, they're uniquely absorbed, with no reverberation or aftershock, thanks in part to a 50% improvement in overall body stiffness (thanks to new reinforcements under the body and in the shock towers. , 35 meters from structural adhesive and other fortifications). Note that our week of testing ended just below the 10 l / 100 km mark, a figure within the good average for this segment.


If tomorrow morning you feel like buying a luxury sedan and intend to keep that vehicle for many years to come, we will de facto send you to a TLX. Without being as accomplished as its German rivals in terms of engine refinement and finish, the TLX is more spacious, better equipped and will be more reliable and it offers a style that also stands out a little more, which is not bad. . However, to be truly up to the task, some shortcomings will have to be corrected. We can't wait to test drive the V6 model.


Exemplary handling

Generous format

Quiet interior


Annoying touchpad

Inexpensive 4 cylinder engine sound

Annoying gear selector

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