Acura beats its Pikes Peak record, Tesla in seventh heaven – ecoloauto

Acura beats its Pikes Peak record Tesla in seventh heaven - Acura beats its Pikes Peak record, Tesla in seventh heaven - ecoloauto

Driver James Robinson sets new Hybrid production car record in his 2019 NSX

Despite the restrictions related to the pandemic, the organizers of the PPIHC (for Pikes Peak International Hill Climb) were keen to present an edition of the famous race also known under the English name "Race to the Clouds". The event took place over the past weekend on the Pikes Peak Highway, where several racing teams come together each year to conquer the course of just under 20km, with no less than 156 turns and an elevation (between the starting point and the finish at the top of the mountain) of 1,440 meters.

The manufacturer Acura was still among the names to remember this year, the luxury division that was there to boost the arrival on the market of the new TLX 2021 sedan. If the two TLX with 4-cylinder turbo engines respectively finished in 5e and 6e ranks in the "Exhibition" category, the Acura NSX entered in the "Time Attack 1" category rose to third place in its group, beating the previous mark achieved by the manufacturer in 2019. Driver James Robinson was at the wheel of the car for both editions of the race. This year his time was 10: 01.913, barely faster than his 2019 time, achieved in 10: 02.448.

On the side of Tesla …

Despite all the hype attached to this fine performance by the Acura team, the Japanese manufacturer cannot boast of coming away with the victory. Same story with Tesla who was not officially involved in the success of these two Tesla Model 3s entered in the Colorado event. However, the two sedans were able to finish on the first two steps of the podium in the “Exhibition” category, achieving the ascent in 11: 02.802 for the Model 3 driven by Blake Fuller and in 11: 04.131 for the Model 3 prepared by Unplugged. Performance piloted by Randy Pobst. Remember that the latter lost control of his car during a practice last week. The fact that he was able to fix the car and finish second in his group is quite an achievement in itself.

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