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The first-generation Acura TLX didn't thrill crowds or critics, but it didn't deserve it either. The second version has more assertive ambitions. Let's take a look at three of its competitors.

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Audi A4

Acura Acura TLX rivals and owners39 opinions - Acura | Acura TLX rivals and owners' opinions


Audi A4

Price: from $ 46,200 (2020)

Among its targets, the Acura TLX includes the BMW 3 Series, the Mercedes C-Class and the Audi A4. Why favor the latter for the benefit of two others? Simply because of the original architecture of the Audi (it's base traction) which is more akin to that of the Acura. This offers slightly more spacious rear seats, a more extensive accessory list, better standard protection in terms of active safety and a more efficient all-wheel drive thanks to the torque vector. In return, the A4 is more agile and more rewarding to drive. It is also more intuitive in the IT and telematics fields.

Cadillac CT5

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Cadillac CT-5

Price: from $ 39,798 (2020)

Like the TLX, the Cadillac CT5 plays on volumes to set itself apart from the sometimes more narrow competition in terms of roominess. Compared to the TLX, the American is shown at a lower price (Luxury), but only in its basic configuration which has only two (rear) drive wheels. All-wheel drive is offered at an additional cost. On the road, the CT5 offers a rather dull driving pleasure compared to its Japanese rival. Its 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is rougher and less efficient than that of the TLX, but its automatic transmission (10-speed) is just as efficient. A turbocharged V6 is also in the catalog. On board, the presentation awkwardly masks some inferior materials.

Genesis G70

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Genesis G70

Price: from $ 43,150 (2021)

The Genesis G70 will adopt this new aesthetic language of the brand in the coming months (our photo). This overhaul will be accompanied by an advanced version of the infotainment system (larger screen and advanced interface). In its current form, the G70 nevertheless offers a more stimulating driving experience due to a finely tuned chassis. Also, the G70 offers a more comprehensive warranty and a more personalized service (sales and after-sales). In the minus column, let's underline the lack of fervor of the 2-liter that drives it (a V6 is also offered) and its higher fuel consumption than that of the TLX. In addition, the cabin is narrower and the front seats are less comfortable on long journeys.

Acura TLX test bench

Owner reviews

Second chance

I am currently driving a 2018 TLX equipped with 4 cylinders. This is my second TLX. The first one was a 2015 and I was planning on keeping it for 10 years, but issues with the dual-clutch drivetrain jerking in city driving as well as issues with the infotainment system helped. to agree to trade it in with the 2018. I really like the handling of the TLX, the suspension, the comfort of the seats and the interior in general, and especially the audio system. Consumption is very reasonable and I'm seriously considering purchasing it at the end of my lease, but what it lacks is Acura's SH AWD system. I never understood why it still isn't offered on the 4-cylinder model.

– Louis Assaf

What good words

I rent a 2019 Acura TLX. This is my second TLX after having had a 2015 model. I only have good words for this brand. The quality of service is very good. The maintenance costs are very reasonable compared to my wife's Mercedes B200 ($ 500 for an oil change!).

– Donald G. Robichaud

True to the brand

We have owned a 2016 Acura TLX, SH AWD version, for four years. We bought it new. We are very satisfied. We have a chalet in the North in the mountains and, with its four-wheel drive, it does not disappoint us. The all-wheel drive appears to us to be more efficient than that of the MDX, which we also have. Its acceleration power is really very good … you even have to be careful! As for the assisted driving, I hardly use it because I'm a little scared! (…). We trust this brand. This is our third Acura, our TLX having replaced our TSX.

– Sophie

A pleasant sedan

I leased an Acura TLX for four years in July 2016. Base model: 2.4-liter engine (206 hp), front-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic transmission. (…) This sedan gave us full satisfaction, because, if it does not excel in anything, it scores points on all fronts: sufficient power, comfort for four passengers, rewarding interior, generous trunk, pleasing consumption on the motorway (6.2 l / 100 km), higher in the city (7.5 l / 100 km) in Trois-Rivières, but 12 l / 100 km in Rosemont. (…) Road holding and guidance are reassuring in all seasons, a very appreciated quality. I regularly engage Sport mode to regain a bit of the firmness in the steering wheel and the impulsiveness in the acceleration that my old BMW 323i (2007) gave me. That said, the TLX will never be a BMW, even if Acura claims otherwise. The Acura TLX has its charm in the balance between comfort / sensation / consumption. Let's add an important quality: reliability. In four years, I have only done regular maintenance (oil, filters, brake cleaning) and parallelism once.

– Michel Bélanger

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