A work psychologist to help return to work

In the Pôle emploi premises in Arc-lès-Gray, Jennifer Barthelemy plays a unique role. An occupational psychologist, she receives up to five people a day during an hour and a half interview. His interlocutors? Job seekers, with very diverse profiles: "They can be looking for a job for a long time as well, as they can be in a retraining project", details the 37-year-old professional, holder of a master's degree in psychology from work and originally from Dijon. "It can also be people who after an accident in life, or a disability that emerges or worsens, must reconsider their journey. "

Not psychotherapy

"This is not psychotherapy," says Jennifer straight away. The angle of the approach is always the work: "It is a question of retracing the professional career of the person, exploring with him what is difficult, what is resource. This allows in particular to deconstruct the sometimes very critical, even negative, perception that a person may have of his situation. It’s a different meeting space than an interview with a counselor, it takes longer, speech becomes free. "

Everyone who walks into Jennifer's office has been guided by their referent advisor. The objective sought: "Crossing eyes on a journey", explains Marielle Perrin, regional business leader with work psychologists in Burgundy Franche-Comté. "Sometimes, something blocks at the level of a job seeker, and if we do not put our finger on this difficulty, nobody advances, the counselor can run out," further clarifies Béatrice Rouge-Pariset, director of the Arc-lès-Gray agency.

Gateway to other careers

At the end of one or more sessions, depending on the situation, the person can sometimes be redirected, sometimes on a more specific service offered by Pôle emploi (rebounding after a trauma in employment, or work on the self-esteem of yourself, for example), or simply continue developing a professional project with the advisor. And if Jennifer’s intervention can help lift the brakes, the psychologist can also play a role in building this future journey, helping the person imagine bridges to other careers.

For companies too

Jennifer's missions are not limited to the field of job seekers alone. The psychologist also supports advisers dedicated to companies within Pôle emploi. In this context, it can for example be combined when exercises are offered to job seekers via the recruitment method by simulation. Soon, Jennifer should also intervene in the very companies that want it, to do job analyzes: determine what the job consists of, what are the qualifications but also the skills required, etc.

And she, would she see herself doing something else? " No ! There is such a diversity of missions within Pôle emploi, it is a mine of skills development. "

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