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What to attribute the unusual shape of Ferrari to Austin? At experimental settings, which would not have worked, favoring cornering support on top speed? Or the repercussions of the FIA ​​directive, which would have led the Scuderia to no longer " cheat " (according to Max Verstappen) on the use of the flowmeter?

"Ferrari had a very strange weekend in Austin" commented Mika Hakkinen, double F1 world champion.

"Ferrari was competitive in qualifying, but nowhere in the race. Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel seemed to suffer and lack of grip. Sebastian Vettel's suspension failure was unfortunate for him, but clearly, COTA's vibrators were causing some problems for his Ferrari, and Charles was then asked to avoid them at turn 8. "

"It's never good to suffer a suspension failure on one of your cars, because as a driver, you need to have total confidence in your car to push as hard as you can. But I'm not sure it had a big influence on Charles's race, because his Ferrari was just not fast enough. "

What does Mika Hakkinen think about the accusations of "Cheating" made by Max Verstappen? Does it believe plausible or probable?

"The reality is that no one knows why Ferrari was uncompetitive in the race. "

"Whatever the reason. There is room for improvement for the team for the last two races of the season, before starting to prepare for next season. "

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