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While the trend is to reduce displacement, an astonishing rumor puts a V8 engine in one of the regular versions of the Lexus IS 2021. In fact, we would be talking about an IS 500 variant while the model must undergo a major upgrade for the next year.

Not so long ago, the IS was offered in an IS F version and the latter offered a thunderous V8 engine. Generating little interest despite undeniable qualities, the declination had been sacrificed by Lexus. Thus, we would not bring it back to the catalog as such; only the engine.

Nothing is confirmed, however, remember. In fact, the source of the rumor is an Instagram post from the Allcarsnews site, as featured by another post, thedrive.com. It’s a lot of middlemen, but it’s still possible.

As for what is expected for the SI in 2021, we are talking about aesthetic alterations that will harmonize his style with that of the great lady of the range, the LS. The interior will also be redesigned. We must not lose sight of the fact that the last redesign of the model takes us back to 2014; a little brushstroke won't hurt.

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A V8 engine for the regular version of the Lexus - A V8 engine for the regular version of the Lexus IS? - 98.5 fm

If the current engines were to be renewed, the arrival of a V8 would invigorate the IS family, it goes without saying, especially since in competition, it is impossible to find unless you go to the side of high performance versions. With the RC F coupe, the two-door version of the IS, this block offers 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque.

As for these other mechanics to which we allude, it is a 4-cylinder turbo of 2 liters good for 241 horses, as well as a V6 engine of 3.5 liters whose power goes from 260 horses with the version IS 300 to 311 horses for IS 350 grinding.

If the rumor is confirmed, the adventure could be short-lived, however. Also according to current traffic, Toyota and Lexus plan to eliminate the V8 from any vehicle costing less than $ 90,000 by 2022. Even the 5.7-liter Tundra mill would be sacrificed.

One thing is certain, this news gives us something to eat. We will be monitoring the situation closely over the next few weeks and months.

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