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Toyota has already shared its hybrid system with other manufacturers, all of them Japanese. But it is now a Chinese manufacturer that will soon equip its models with the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, GAC (Guangzhou Automobile). And Geely should follow.

  • First sale of the Toyota hybrid system outside of Japan
  • Development of the hybrid in the Chinese market

A few years ago, Toyota released many patents related to its hybrid system. In parallel, the manufacturer also founded with its partners Denso and Aisin Seiki the joint venture BluE Nexus, responsible for the development and production of components for the hybrid system HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive).

And it is precisely BluE Nexus that just signed a contract with GAC in China. The first model is expected in 2021. This is a small event, because if we have already seen un-badged Toyota models equipped with the HSD system, they were only Japanese brands (Mazda, Nissan, Subaru…). Remember, however, that GAC is a partner of Toyota in China.

And it is probably not over, since BluE Nexus would also be in discussion with Geely. This last point remains to be confirmed, because the Chinese manufacturer already has its own hybrid system developed with Volvo and which equips vehicles with BMA or CMA platforms. Depending on the case in simple or plug-in hybrid.

Our opinion, by leblogauto.com

Double importance in this announcement. Not only Toyota's sale of its system to a non-Japanese manufacturer, but also the prospect of expanding the supply of non-plug-in hybrids in China. For the moment, these models do not claim any purchasing aid, but enter into the calculation of NEV credits from manufacturers. And only Honda and Toyota are benefiting from it so far.