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The US preparer Newport Convertible Engineering has taken on the Tesla Model 3 to make a convertible. A conversion not given which gives a result say mixed …

The Tesla Model 3 visibly inspires the preparers. The sedan had already received a conversion to pick-up, a unique creation signed by the pretty convincing youtuber Simone Giertz. And here is a new attempt to transform the Model 3 into a convertible. This is the work of the American company Newport Convertible Engineering, which specializes in converting high-end models into a convertible (Aston Martin, Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce …) and which had already tackled the Tesla Model S few years ago.

According to information from MotorTrend who publishes a series of photos of the You're here Model 3 convertible, it takes three months for Newport Convertible Engineering to carry out the transformation after having completely dismantled the interior, cut the roof and reinforced the chassis, in particular with a hoop connecting the two central uprights. The set is obviously tested forsealing at the water.

A Tesla Model 3 convertible Futura - A Tesla Model 3 convertible! - Futura

Count 27,000 euros to convert the Tesla Model 3

Conversion with hood manual is billed at 29,500 dollars (around 27,000 euros at current prices) in addition to the cost of the Model 3. The electric soft top version costs 39,500 dollars (around 36,000 euros at current prices). The addition is rather salty.

What to think of the result? It is obviously a matter of taste. In any case, let's say that Model 3 convertible is rather attractive when it is discovered. On the other hand, once in place, the hood has something unsightly and "abnormal" fairly typical of this kind of transformation. Indeed, the hood is roughly adjusted at the junction with the windshield and rear wings. We also notice a spar probably intended to stiffen the body which comes beyond the bottom of the body and spoils the general line of the Model 3. Frankly not very elegant.

1590164700 196 A Tesla Model 3 convertible Futura - A Tesla Model 3 convertible! - Futura

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