Discoveries, good and bad surprises, still a normal week in tech after all. We got a taste of Android 12, malware is attacking Huawei and WhatsApp has some issues. Finally we especially …

android 12 1200x675 - A taste of Android 12, a very clever malware and WhatsApp at fault - the essential of the news of the week

Android 12 // Source: Frandroid

Android 12: update on the new features that seduced us

Android 12 is already available on some smartphones in a Developer Preview version and we were able to test the new version of the Google OS. List of new features, compatible smartphones … find all you need to know and what you can expect from the next Android operating system.

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Malware on more than 500,000 Huawei smartphones

It’s the bad joke that awaits you if you have a Huawei smartphone. The Joker malware that hit the Google Play Store between 2019 and 2020 also attacked the Chinese manufacturer’s AppGallery. As a result, more than 500,000 users would be affected. We explain how to know if your smartphone is affected.

After Facebook, WhatsApp also has security issues

WhatsApp faces a new problem. A flaw in its two-factor authentication method makes it easy to suspend an account by spoofing your phone number and trying unsuccessfully to log in.

The test of the week: the DJI Air 2S

Evolution of the Mavic Air 2 which convinced us, the DJI Air 2S is almost a miniaturized Mavic 2 Pro. It is an agile drone that captures 20 megapixel photos and videos up to 5.4K with a so-called 1-inch sensor. A drone capable of seducing the general public as well as professionals. We have already tested it and we are more than won over.

lifestyle11 1200x824 - A taste of Android 12, a very clever malware and WhatsApp at fault - the essential of the news of the week

The DJI Air 2S drone // Source: DJI

the video of the week

While Tim Cook announced that he would probably no longer be at the head of Apple within 10 years and before the next keynote of the firm on Tuesday, April 20, we draw the portrait of the strong man of the brand at the apple, successor to Steve Jobs and in full revolution of the company for nearly a decade.

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