Many users on the Google forums are complaining about a strange bug in Android Auto. For some unknown reason, music pauses every time you open an app. Realizing the problem, Google has yet to come up with a fix.

android auto bug musique - a strange bug pauses the music each time an application is launched
Credits: Google

Google regularly incorporates new features on Android Auto. For example, the OS recently displayed ChargePoint charging stations, which is one of the largest charging station networks in Europe and North America. And since March 2021, it is possible to display two applications at the same time via a split screen.

However, it happens that these updates bring their lots of bugs. Indeed, many users complain on the Google forums of a rather strange problem. For some unknown reason, the music started by the driver is paused each time the application is opened via the Android Auto user interface.

When I listen to music through Android Auto in my Mazda CX-5, the music stops when I open any app on my smartphone. Music resumes when I return to my phone’s home page […] Every now and then the music stops again, even when the phone screen is turned off ”, explains a user on the official support of Android Auto.

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A long-standing bug

Other users even specify that the radio also turns off each time an app is launched. Reports increased in March and April 2021, but complaints for the same problem date from November 2020. At the time, Android 11 users reported numerous bugs on Android Auto, including the untimely shutdown of the music.

Unfortunately, the cause of this bug remains unknown for the moment, and Google has not yet deployed a patch. Still, the Android Auto teams are aware of the problem, as evidenced by this comment on Google support: “Thanks for reporting this issue. We have passed your issue on to the rest of the team. We will contact you if we need more information ”. As you will have understood, if you are concerned by this bug, it will therefore be necessary take his troubles patiently the time that Google finds the origin.

Source: 9To5Google