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In the collective imagination, the BMW M5 retains a very special image. And you can find old models at very attractive prices.

Who wouldn't dream of driving a BMW M5? Of course, it is necessary to be able to have a substantial purchasing budget: the current model is trading well above 100,000 euros. But like all large-series luxury cars, the BMW M5 has a huge discount over the years and miles.

This is why it is possible to find models from the 90s for less than 20,000 euros. These models generally have a high mileage, but you can still find some interesting examples.

A Nürburgring Pack

This is the case of this M5 E39 from 1994, equipped with the Nürburgring pack. The car appears to be in good general condition, even if it still displays 213,500 kilometers on the odometer. The car was equipped with a 340 horsepower in-line six, copious power for the time … even if the terrible Opel Omega Lotus did even better!

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