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Thirty is the number of copies available for sale for the fastest production car in history: the Chiron Super Sport 300+. Compared to the 500 Chiron on sale, this Super Sport 300+ version is obviously a big piece of history in the making, the opportunity for some to do a little (a lot) of speculation? This is what is happening on the side of Germany where a site specializing in the sale of sports cars and prestige has just put on sale the purchase order of a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+. The order form yes, not the car itself since it is not yet produced. It will be in two years, the production time announced for this version a little special.

490,484 km / h for the prototype, 440 for the standard version

A bit special is the case to say because this model currently holds the world speed record for a production car with 490,484 km / h in top speed. The version that set this record was a prototype, the series model will be clamped to 440 km / h in top speed. Under the hood, we find a W16 8.0 liter quad-turbo developing 1600 horses. But it's not so much about the engine that the engineers worked on, it's about everything around it, and more. Indeed, Bugatti has partnered with Dallara to make some changes in the chassis, but also to Michelin to create specific tires capable of reaching a record top speed. The engineers also reviewed the aerodynamics by reviewing the length of the car. Thus, compared to a "classic" Chiron, the Super Sport 300+ now measures 25 centimeters more.

The surplus value of the century?

3.5 million euros excluding taxes, this is the initial price of this special version. On the German car sales site, it will take 1'180'000 euros more, since it is posted at 4.68 million euros. If investing in stone is today the least risky and potentially the most profitable investment given the location of the property, investing in a limited edition Bugatti can also be very profitable, and in the very short term, moreover . Still need to find a buyer at this price.

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