A psychologist explains the origin of déjà vu


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Most people have had a feeling of déjà vu that seems to blur the lines of reality. In an interview with Radio Sputnik, a psychologist explains this phenomenon by the synchronization of consciousness and a manifestation of intuition.

Deja vu, the feeling of having already witnessed or already experienced a present situation, is sometimes due to the synchronization of consciousness, when the experiences of the past are synchronized with the present, Sergei Kliuchnikov told Radio Sputnik , psychologist and director of the Center for Practical Psychology.

“Second, when a person experiences upheaval, shock, fragments of images and memories that seem similar to them in the present moment arise from the depths. The followers of the Eastern doctrines of reincarnation believe that it is a kind of "vibration of the previous life", "he adds.

An act of intuition

In addition, Sergei Kliuchnikov notes that déjà vu is a manifestation of intuition. It can be a kind of signal of acceptance of a program of action or, on the contrary, a warning to abandon such a program so as not to commit dangerous or reckless acts.

"Depending on the type of event, intuition either encourages a person to do what he intends, supports his decision to do something, or, on the contrary, warns him against steps, decisions", he concludes.

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