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Alfa Romeo’s first day was a positive one at Mugello, and Kimi Räikkönen was happy to return to the track where he made the first F1 test of his career. Twenty years later, he achieved a nice ninth place at the end of this first day.

"It's good to come back to Mugello, the circuit where I did my first laps in an F1 20 years ago" said Räikkönen. "My neck is clearly healthier than it was after my first day of testing!"

"The track felt the same, not very different except for some vibrators. It's a difficult circuit, so finding the right settings can be difficult, especially since we are here for the first time and we have no data to use as references. "

"It's a fairly unique track in many ways, and it requires a different approach, which is why we will have to keep working on the set-up tonight and tomorrow morning. We never run out of things to improve. and it looked promising today. "

Antonio Giovinazzi had a more complicated day than his teammate with a 14th and 17th place in both sessions: "It's good to be on track in Italy again, and to see some fans in the stands. We missed the spectators and we hope they see a great race on Sunday."

“The track here at Mugello is impressive, especially with modern cars. It's very fast, with many high speed corners which are really nice, although the neck will really feel it on Sunday! The car was really good from the start today. 'hui, both in short and long relays, so we can be happy with this first day. "

He regrets a performance that has not yet been optimized, but assures us that he had a better pace than his ranking suggests: “Unfortunately I made a little mistake on my quick FP2 lap so the times don't reflect what we really did, but tomorrow we have to really have a good lap.”

“I think we can do a good job, we aim for Q2, then we can assess our chances. We have already seen that following cars will be quite difficult, so it will be important to qualify as high as possible, to take a good start and have that as a basis. "

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