A Normandy travel agency is dedicated to genealogy

“This weekend, I finally learned how my parents met! Exclaims Anny Poursinnof, 70, a Parisian who came to spend the few days in Calvados offered by the Racines Voyages agency, the first travel agency in France devoted to genealogy. "A weekend of immersive leisure with a professional genealogist capable of providing concrete support in your research. All in a very warm and caring environment, ”explains this amateur genealogist.

“My paternal grandfather was born in Russia. He passed away when I was 13. He fascinated me but I didn't know much about him. That's how I started to get interested in genealogy. To find his trail, what he was doing, who he was. And that was the start of an incredible adventure that made me discover a family secret, the hidden existence of one of my uncles until the revelation of this weekend. "

Strong places and good restaurants

Racines Voyages, the rather special tourist agency Anny Poursinnof speaks of, is based in Carpiquet, near Caen, in Calvados. "I created this agency a year ago, initially mainly for a Quebec clientele," says the founder, Marie-Claire Prestavoine. In fact, many Normans emigrated to Quebec in the 17th century. And today, many of their descendants wish to return to Normandy, as on a pilgrimage, to find their roots, the land from which their ancestors left. So I started to concoct very targeted genealogy trips around each of their stories. And we embellished these holidays by visiting remarkable heritage sites and regional gastronomy… ”

But the health crisis has arrived and Quebecers have gradually stopped coming to France. “We therefore had to rethink the project and adapt to French demand. This is how we started to organize thematic weekends with a professional genealogist who gives the keys to progress in your approach, whether you are beginners or advanced, and who helps you decipher your research. I assure you that each time it generates incredibly warm moments, especially since we always choose strong places, steeped in history, and very good restaurants! "

Julie Boyer, 40, came from the Tarn to participate in one of these genealogy weekends. “It really is a wonderful discovery. Me, I'm interested in my two grandfathers, both resistant. This weekend allowed me to learn more and especially to discover methods, tips to continue to dig my story more effectively, to discover much more than their simple identities, which were really our ancestors. It is really very precious to share these moments with others who are also discovering parts of their life directly. It was even so moving that we promised each other to continue to exchange our reciprocal paths. The road is not finished for Anny Poursinnof, who now dreams of returning to the Russian village where her grandfather grew up.

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