A new electric scooter at Mercedes-Benz – Futura

Like other manufacturers automobile such as Seat, Mercedes-Benz attempts a foray into the electric scooter. After a first model called EQ Mercedes-Benz launched in 2019, the German brand recidivism, always in partnership with the Swiss manufacturer Micro Mobility, specialist in muscular and electric scooters.

The Mercedes-Benz eScooter is intended for journeys that do not exceed 25 km, moult by a 250 W motor (500W peak) which allows it to reach 20 km / h maximum. The 280 Wh 7.8 Ah battery recharges in 3.5 hours. Mounted on 8-inch wheels, this electric scooter is equipped with a front and rear suspension, it is foldable and its handlebars are adjustable in height.

A screen displays the basic parameters (speed, distance, autonomy…) which can be modified via theapplication dedicated for smartphone connected in Bluetooth. This model does not offer any innovation specific to Mercedes. The price has not yet been communicated, but the electric scooter Mercedes-Benz EQ released last year is sold for € 1,299. It's rather expensive paid for a model with fairly average performance.

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