SideQuest is now available on Android, and thus offers a new application for loading content on the Oculus Quest. Users can therefore now set aside their PC to do this. The app is already available on Google Play now.

As a reminder, the SideQuest sideloading platform saw the light of day in 2019, shortly after the launch of the original Quest. This is a must-have alternative to the Oculus Store. We can therefore find the applications that have not been validated for release on this store. To sideload games or apps on Quest, we always needed a PC and a USB to USB C cable. Now, we can abandon these thanks to the platform’s new Android application.

SideQuest App Lab 1024x504 1 - a new Android application available

New SideQuest Android app: how does it work?

Thanks to the new SideQuest application, you can now load any App Lab content listed on the platform from an Android smartphone compatible. The same goes for other content that can be sideloaded on Quest and Quest 2.

The contents App Lab selected is therefore added to the user’s Facebook account. He can then access it very quickly in his VR headset. For other games or applications that can be sideloaded, they can be transferred to the latter via a USB C cable from the Android phone.

Note that it is possible to leave this cable aside and turn to a wireless option, but the configuration is more complex. You should also know that some projects available on SideQuest require game files. These must be placed in a folder on the headset. You can get these files on Steam, for example. However, loading them onto Quest without a PC still seems to be a difficult task.