A notch a bit less intrusive: this should be one of the main changes in the design of the iPhone 13. The site Mac Otakara, who often stumbles upon pearls, shares snapshots and a video of a mockup from a source at Alibaba. It is to be taken with the tweezers of course, but this is not the first time that we have seen this rumor (read our recap ‘).

The notch on what is billed as an iPhone 13 Pro appears noticeably narrower, yet it still contains the essential components for True Depth (including Face ID) and FaceTime. The audio receiver and microphone have been “raised” from the current notch, which is what allows it to be thinner.

mg fb43572c w828 w1088 - A narrower notch on this iPhone 13 mockup - iGeneration
mg 37c7fbfb w567 - A narrower notch on this iPhone 13 mockup - iGeneration

Mac Otakara gives the following dimensions: a height of 5.35 mm, i.e. 0.05 mm more, but for a width of 26.8 mm, instead of 34.83 mm. As for the rest of the model, it does not indicate any other modification in the design, but as we see it remains a mock-up pretty rude. It is also possible that it was produced from rumors, and not from technical drawings.