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Ferrari has been untouchable on a tour since the summer break, with a huge advantage in power, and therefore in top speed. The legality of the Italian engine was again questioned, so that Red Bull asked for clarification on the flow meter and its use.

"We just wanted it clarified" assures Helmut Marko. "The Ferrari advantage is just too obvious, the request was made some time ago, but because we did not get an answer from the FIA, we intensified it."

The FIA ​​finally responded by saying it was 'totally' forbidden to bypass the flowmeter to inject fuel into the engine, and Lewis Hamilton noticed that the Ferrari lost power in Austin. Nevertheless, it does not make the link with the declaration of the FIA, especially as the American circuit requires a balanced car, with more support.

"What came out of this week was interesting to see," said Hamilton. "Of course, I think they've lost a bit of power, I'm interested to see how it goes, and how it's going to be reflected in the race."

Nevertheless, nothing assures him that Ferrari will not have the advantage: "They're faster than us in a straight line and we hope our car will be strong throughout the race, and the long stints were good in practice on Friday, a bit tougher on Saturday."

For Toto Wolff, the director of Mercedes, the first defeat of Ferrari in qualifying since the summer break is not related to this directive of the FIA: "The top three teams were certainly closer in terms of straight-line performance."

"But I would not say it's tied to a specific event, it's just a fact, we've had our first pole since July since Hockenheim, and we're in the right group."

"It is very good that the FIA ​​has issued a technical directive clarifying the situation with very clear words, but it is a normal process, which has already occurred before and which is part of the role of the federation. "

For his part, Marko saw a real regression for Ferrari in a straight line between Friday and Saturday: "Our deficit on the long straight is three or four tenths.Friday, we lost twice that number."

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