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The recently opened SEMA Show in Las Vegas features an impressive number of all-purpose vehicles. But this strange white Lamborghini Huracan probably has one of the most interesting stories in the show.

She suffered a very big accident that should have been sent directly to the scrap. But the American specialists of "B is for Build" decided to save her in a funny way. While the chassis was repairable but the beast's V10 was too damaged to be retrieved, they gave it a second life with new organs.

Chevrolet V8 under the hood

Instead of the V10, there is now under the hood a Chevrolet V8 gorged by two large turbochargers. The block develops over 1500 horsepower, and mates with a modified and reinforced Audi R8 six-speed manual transmission. Note that the steering wheel paddles, which were used to change gears via the original double-clutch gearbox, now make it possible to operate the turn signals!

The machine also displays a style for the least loaded, with aerodynamic appendages in all directions (see video).

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