A gathering of supercars like you've never seen before – 20 Minutes

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A gathering of more than 70 supercars, classic vehicles and limited-edition sports cars took place last week in Gstaad for the Supercar Owners Circle (SOC) Weekend.

Fans of fine-powered cars generally only have the opportunity to admire supercars such as the Koenigsegg Regera, the Pagani Zonda, the Bugatti Chiron or the Ferrari at the Geneva Motor Show, in the press or on the networks. social or, with a little luck, in Monaco or Dubai. Over the past weekend, many owners of such extremely rare sports vehicles gathered in Gstaad for a gathering of supercars never before seen in size. The vehicles together had a value of more than 200 million francs.

Created by two Swiss

The rally was organized by the Supercar Owners Circle, a club of car enthusiast members created in 2014 by two Swiss brothers, Florian and Stefan Lemberger. In the meantime, the SOC has seen the number of its members increase so much that the pair are now organizing gatherings for owners and fans of this kind of racing car around the world. However, the SOC weekend in Switzerland remains the club’s flagship event. Illustrious names such as former 24 Hours of Le Mans champion Andy Wallace and former Formula 1 driver Jochen Mass took part.

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The hypercars in this photo, parked in front of the hotel "The Alpina Gstaad" alone, are worth around 20 million francs.

Supercar Owners Circle

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Even the parking lot of the Hotel Gstaad Palace was filled with great sports cars.

Michael lusk

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There was a popular festive atmosphere in Gstaad. During the parade, all eyes of the public were on this classic Ford GT.

Supercar Owners Circle

From Andermatt to Gstaad

While the last five years the event had taken place in Andermatt, it was moved to Gstaad for the first time this year. The highlight on Friday was undoubtedly the parade on the promenade of the famous resort, which brought residents and countless fans and car spotter from afar to come and admire the vehicles up close. The procession then took to the road for a group excursion to the spectacular Glacier 3000 ski area. On Saturday, SOC members had the opportunity to indulge themselves by putting the gas on the Saanen airport, cordoned off for the opportunity. But the charitable aspect has not been overlooked either. The big gala dinner, which took place right next to the supercars, was held to benefit the Laureus Sport for Good foundation. At the end of the three days, the organizers draw a positive assessment: “We are happy that, thanks to the considerate behavior and the good behavior of all the participants, the event was also able to take place this year, without incident, nor obstructing traffic, ”he said.

A showcase for builders

The participants were also able to fully benefit from other aspects. Alfa Romeo presented its new Giulia GTA, limited to 500 copies. The limited edition, launched to mark the 110th anniversary of the traditionally Italian brand, is even lighter and more powerful, with 540 hp. Even rarer and more powerful, the four-seater Koenigsegg Gemera with 1700 hp is, so to speak, the first Swedish “family car”. Christian von Koenigsegg had personally made the trip to Gstaad to present his new creation, as did Horacio Pagani, who presented his exclusive Pagani Huayra Roadster BC, limited to 40 copies and sold for a long time. Finally, all that remains is to ask the question whether it is possible to do better than such an event. We will have the answer at the latest in a year, when the SOC will put the cover back.

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