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Dince 2016, the annual Infiniti Network contest in Canada aims to motivate the internal troops by congratulating the dealers who have distinguished themselves in the past year. An amount of money is then given to them in addition to a symbolic trophy.

“The price does not necessarily give other advantages in itself. Above all, it is a huge source of pride, "said Jean-Sébastien Poulin, general manager and co-owner of the Infiniti de Sherbrooke. “We make sure we win every year, because it has become a standard for us to provide the best service possible. It’s the result of a mix of happy employees and customers. "

The man who has run the company for almost eight years also wanted to thank his sales manager who “greatly” contributed to this award. “It's no coincidence that we win every year. Michel Jolin is celebrating his fifth year with us and he gives himself body and soul to the company. He always gives excellent service, ”he says, recalling that 75% of the points collected for the contest come from customers.

For his part, Infiniti Canada General Manager Steve Rhind says, “Achieving number one says a lot about the professionalism and dedication of the team members [Mr. Poulin]. Their performance was the key to INFINITI’s success in 2019 and will continue to drive the brand forward in the years to come, ”he said in a statement.

“Let's go for a fifth prize! », Concludes Mr. Poulin.

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