A facelift for Rolls-Royce – auto infos

Rolls-Royce is changing its brand identity to be in tune with a clientele whose average age is only 43 years old.

A facelift for Rolls Royce auto infos - A facelift for Rolls-Royce - auto infos
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Rolls Royce modernizes its image. The venerable English firm, owned by the group Bmw, changes brand identity. An essential rejuvenation for a brand whose customers have an average age of 43 years, that is to say 13 years less than the purchasers of new vehicles in Europe. The manufacturer therefore wanted to evolve its visual language to speak more directly to increasingly younger customers. To find the right message, Rolls-Royce turned to the design agency Pentagram. Indeed, the changes concern not only the tone but also the image. No revolution in the land of luxury, but an evolution of logos, colors and speech. So the slogan "The best car in the world", born with the brand, gives way to "House of luxury". Like many other manufacturers, Rolls-Royce is erasing the image of a vehicle manufacturer but replacing mobility with the global notion of luxury. Over the decades, the name of Rolls-Royce has become synonymous with luxury and the firm wishes to exploit this image. A slogan which leaves the field free to develop very high-end products and services. This personalization takes shape in particular through the programs Bespoke and Black Badge. The first allows each model to be designed according to the wishes of its purchaser and the second concerns more sporty versions of the models in the range.

The Spirit of Ecstasy star

Rolls-Royce symbol since 1911, the mascot Spirit of Ecstasy will no longer be limited to the grille of vehicles. A true symbol of luxury, this statuette will appear more widely on the models and in the brand's communication. Redesigned by Chris Mitchell, this young winged woman will become an element of recognition of the firm, in its global communication. Another strong element of the Rolls-Royce identity is the double R retains its rank and importance, without changing. Its timeless classicism did not require any alterations from the design agency. Beyond these symbols, the brand's color code changes to use shades such as purple, the brown, the green and the Grey. All these innovations will be put in place from September in the overall communication of the firm. On social networks, the website and in physical communication media, Rolls-Royce's new language must underline the evolution of a brand whose customers have radically changed. In its presentation, the brand does not talk about the consequences of this change of image for its distribution network.

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