Android has never been very open to dual boot and yet a French developer has managed to install several ROMs on his Galaxy A71. All he has to do is select the version of the operating system he wants with the volume button and restart the device.

galaxy a72 stabilisation image optique - A developer installs several versions of Android on his smartphone and proves that the dual boot works
Credit: Samsung Galaxy A71

On a computer, it is relatively easy to install another version of the operating system, or even a different OS using a bootable key. On a smartphone, on the other hand, the case is slightly more complicated. Renowned for its more or less open kernel, Android does not however leave the possibility to anyone to launch a ROM different from its OS. Which doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Pierre-Hugues Husson, a French developer better known under the pseudonym “phhusson” has published an impressive video where he launches several versions of Android on one and the same Galaxy A71. To do this, all he has to do is select the desired one when starting the smartphone. using the volume knob. The device, which he himself calls a “Boot inverter” joins the list of the many mods he has created for Android, all available on his GitHub page.

Several Android on a single smartphone, it’s possible

Pierre-Hugues Husson explains that his mod “Sits between boot.img and the system, and can run unmodified versions and GSIs.” The additional versions are stored directly on the SD card, which adds a bit more practicality to the whole. In addition, the developer claims that the method works on Exynos, Qualcomm and MediaTek SoCs.

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This is a major breakthrough for all modding enthusiasts. The field of possibilities is indeed multiple. For example, developers can test their applications on a different ROM in order to do not damage their data. In general, it is one more stone that comes to rest on the edifice of Android modding.

If you want to try it out for yourself, the project is available on Pierre-Hugues Husson’s GitHub page. We advise you all the same to inform yourself well before any manipulation of your Android.