Sputnik France

Gendarmes from Aveyron arrested an individual who had renovated his BMW to the detriment of that of his neighbor. To do this, he had notably stolen the doors, indicators, seats and a large number of electronic components.

A BMW 3 Series owner dismantled a large part of a similar car belonging to his neighbor in Capdenac-Gare in Aveyron to renovate his own, reports Center Presse Aveyron.

This flight was spotted Sunday, January 17. In his garage, the victim found his car largely boneless. As a result, many parts were missing, including the doors, turn signals, seats and a large number of electronic components.

The neighbor recognizes the facts

The open investigation led the gendarmes to a similar vehicle parked … nearby.

Arrested, its owner admitted the facts. He justified this theft by “his taste for mechanics and the desire to renovate his vehicle”.

He will soon have to be brought to justice. The stolen parts were returned to the owner.