Tesla Dating is the name of the dating app soon to be launched by Ajitpal Grewal. This Canadian entrepreneur has created an app reserved only for Tesla owners. Users will need to prove that they own a branded car to gain access. Next, they'll need to fill in Tesla's model and refine their search criteria before they can navigate the app, like on Tinder. If Tesla Dating is still in development, it is already possible to register to test it, in preview. 160 people have already signed up according to Business Insider, when the site went live on Wednesday August 19.

"Tesla fans share certain values, such as the desire to reduce their environmental impact, their love of Elon Musk and their interest in high-tech," said Ajitpal Grewal. According to the developer of the app, the car we drive says a lot about us. Tesla owners are notorious for making it known that they own one of the brand's vehicles. The cheapest model being at 38,000 dollars, or more than 32,000 euros.

Even more enthusiastic Elon Musk fans

However, Business Insider notes, Elon Musk fans are even more fervent: they revere the billionaire and his prolific and controversial Twitter presence. Plus, they reject any critic or journalist who dares to write anything negative about him. Elon Musk became the 4th largest fortune in the world this week. The Tesla boss has passed Bernard Arnault and is at the head of a fortune estimated at more than 84 billion dollars.