A dangerous virus is lurking in these six Android apps

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The company Pradeo, specialized in the detection of threats on mobile, has just spotted the presence of the dangerous Joker malware in six applications available on the
Play store. This virus, active since 2017, is regularly talked about again for these misdeeds: theft of sensitive data, forced subscriptions or the installation of others
malware on the smartphone of its victims.

This time again, the Joker malware is hiding in applications to secretly scam its victims. Once installed and deployed on the phones of its targets, it takes out various subscriptions and services and retrieves verification SMS and other authorization codes, so as to leave no trace. This leaves victims unaware that they have been subscribed to services without their knowledge.

Very discretly

The strength of Joker malware is precisely that it goes unnoticed. It leaves almost no trace, it takes care of deleting suspicious text messages in order to avoid arousing suspicion. That’s why it’s hard to spot him. Victims will only find out that there is a problem by looking at their bank account statements, but in the meantime the malware will have had plenty of time to steal some money from them.

Here is the list of the 6 applications infested by the Joker malware:

  • Safety AppLock (applock.safety.protect.apps)
  • Convenient Scanner 2 (com.convenient.scanner.tb)
  • Push Message-Texting & SMS (sms.pushmessage.messaging)
  • Emoji Wallpaper (tw.hdwallpaperthemes.emoji.wallpaper)
  • Separate Doc Scanner (sk.pdf.separatedoc.scanner)
  • Fingertip GameBox (com.theone.finger.games)

In all, these applications have been downloaded over 200,000 times.

The app may not be visible in your smartphone's app list. That's why it's best to review apps from your phone's settings and delete any that look suspicious. You can also do an internet search to see if they are a problem or not.

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