Tesla's plant in Nevada has been the target of a "serious" cybersecurity attack, according to its boss Elon Musk in a tweet. The specialist site Teslarati revealed that an employee of the American factory had helped the FBI to arrest a Russian cyber hacker. He wanted to blackmail the company, but the Tesla employee pretended to play along to trick him. The hacker even offered him $ 500,000, and then a million in cash or bitcoin, to participate in the blackmail. The employee received $ 11,000 from the hacker.

The Tesla employee was contacted in July via WhatsApp by the hacker, who offered to meet him, initially in a friendly manner because the employee speaks Russian, Teslarati says. He eventually saw her several times in early August to discuss the introduction of malware into Tesla's computer system. The Russian then wanted to blackmail the company that builds electric vehicles. At the same time, the employee reported the scam to his company, which then notified the FBI. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to gain information on the perpetrator through film-worthy FBI operations.

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Arrested on August 22

The hacker's name is Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov and he was arrested by the FBI in Los Angeles on August 22 while attempting to flee the United States in all likelihood. He is said to have pulled off a similar coup with CWT, a business travel specialist, by ransoming him $ 4.5 million. Currently, the hacker is being held pending trial.